Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Thawing Kingdom for Zinequest: Kickstarter!

"After all this cold...this age of ice and silence, finally..."

Finally, the Thawing Kingdom is back. And it's not just back as more blog content, it's back as a zine you can get! That is, if it manages to succeed as a kickstarter campaign for Zinequest 3!


In addition, a little update. I have a twitter now that you can follow for blog updates, updates on this kickstarter campaign, and possibly more: art and other RPG project may well come to this blog too!

What's In The Zine?

The zine mainly puts all of the existing Thawing Kingdom content into one nicely presented place, edited and polished. However, it also contains a bunch of new tables, of spells, items and more!

If you back the tier for it, you will also be able to get a Thawing Kingdom bosscrawl, which is a simple A5 sheet list of Dark Souls-style bosses to slay in this forlorn land in search of restoration and a new age: a little bonus, for a little extra.

So take your mantle thick, strap on your snowshoes! If you follow the project by getting notified at launch, that helps me estimate the backer number, and keeps you up to date! Show yourselves oh silhouettes in this cold mist!


  1. This looks like it'll be awesome! Good luck on the Kickstarter, I'll be there at the bosscrawl tier.