Saturday, November 21, 2020

Ode to the Delightful (Fan Spotlights)

It's high time I made this one.

This post is about all of the people who have been looking at me cobbling post after post onto this blog and said, hey, now that's actually quite good. You have been a humbling audience.

You see that little text game intro on the right there? Top of the widget sidebar?

You sweep aside the dead
bone-white grubs with your foot,
and step inside a great
open chamber, in darkness.

[return]    [light up the chamber (battery 1)]

 With your torch you shine across the
walls of the room. Upon its stone
you discover a monumental fresco
bearing hieroglyphs floor to ceiling.

[inspect the fresco]    [avert your gaze]

You observe a great history,
one of exceptional generosity:

Dan Dibuja with two absolutely wonderful pieces of fan art for the blog: one depicting the six fantasy millionaires, and one the abominations of the Modern Instrumentality Bureau. With both you capture them so very well, and I could not be more delighted to receive your attention. Especially Eustice and little Zaffiro there are perfect depictions. This is how I carry them in my head now. And the Patriot, oh man.

If you read this know that I owe you. Come on down to the comments, tell me a post you'd like to see on this blog. I'll make it. These masterpieces beget at least that in return.


with a bazillion of references to my work in his tables and posts, and for overall being a wonderful and supportive human being.

AstuaryPropheteer, who has made spectacular posts adjacent to my REVANESCENCE_ setting, and is now working with me on a so far secret project. Something big is coming.

Frequent commentors on and followers of my blog: Dan, Maxcan7, Spwack, Michael Kennedy and Marquis. I read them, all of them. Thank you.