Monday, March 20, 2023



What the hell is... Lambik?

There is a Belgian (more specifically Flemish as opposed to say, Tintin, which was originally francophone) comic book series, incepted in 1945 by one Willy Vandersteen, that features two children travelling space and time on often alliteratation-based adventures. They are typically accompanied by their 7 feet tall aunt, the strongest man on earth, and... Lambik.

An adequate way to describe the space that Lambik occupies in the mind of the average reader would be to call him the Flemish Waluigi.

Lambik has the following traits:

  • He is bumbling, vain, pompous and cowardly
  • He is often tempted by evil
  • He has supernatural ancestry
  • He owns a signature bowler hat

D8 adventures that prominently feature... Lambik:

  1. The Lignite Atom
  2. Princess Sawdust
  3. The Doughstoker
  4. The Flying Ape
  5. The Billy Goat Riders
  6. The Toy Sower
  7. The Lady in Black
  8. Lambiorix